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How to set the rated speed of the treadmill?

1, if you just want to go slowly, suggested by 4km/h~6km/h the speed of walking is generally more suitable for sports after the end of the relaxation exercise or movement of pregnant women.
2, 6km/h~8km/h for fast speed, the speed for those who do not love running friends, or just think of sweating but not too tired “lazy”, which can achieve the effect of fitness, and can maintain the body’s normal size. At the same time, this speed is more suitable for children with poor athletic ability jogging, for the improvement of lung capacity has a better effect.
Suitable for regular exercise group 3, more than 8km/h speed, for a much-needed fat students, the best can in the speed of oxygen running practice.
Tip: if the condition is not suitable for high intensity exercise people do not choose fast running, please exercise treadmill when the doctor told the coach or suggestions, so as to avoid irreparable fault.

How much power does the treadmill run?

What is the power of the treadmill?
The power on the treadmill is generally rated power and peak power, in addition to the continuous power of the term, continuous power refers to the average power of the motor in a certain period of time. When the motor works, the continuous power is not equal to the rated power, the continuous power will be greater than the rated power, generally at about 1.2 times. Peak power is the power that the motor can reach in an instant, usually 1.8 times the rated power. Unfortunately, there is no rigid standard for motor power in our country, which causes manufacturers to play word games when marking motor work.
Some manufacturers in the consumer Tandaqiuquan psychology, will peak power motor maximum load meaningless as “power” values to consumers, is misleading and cheating. Generally speaking, the greater the horsepower, the higher the running stability of the electric running, but the higher the corresponding motor manufacturing costs, the greater the power consumption, therefore, the motor power is not the greater the better.
Home treadmill, rated power is 2 horsepower motor power selection about almost, in general, the motor power in the 2 horse treadmill maximum speed will reach 16KM/H, which is fast enough to meet the family fitness, 16KM/H not everyone can use it, unless there is a more professional sports skills of people. If the motor power rating is more than 2, the price of the treadmill will certainly be higher. If the rated power is less than 2, then the fastest speed may be 12KM/H, so that it can not meet the requirements of more people exercise.
Finally tell you a little, buy the treadmill, must see is rated power or peak power, don’t be deceived by words game.

Is the mechanical treadmill good?

However, the mechanical treadmill is now being slowly replaced the electric treadmill, because mechanical treadmill to human powered, generally very easy to produce fatigue and boredom, easy to make the movement can not insist. In terms of comfort and fun, mechanical treadmills do not have an electric treadmill. In comparison, however, the price advantage of a mechanical treadmill is obvious, and the cost of a mechanical treadmill is very low due to the absence of components such as motors.

What is the principle of a mechanical treadmill?

From the point of view of function and working principle, we can divide the treadmill into two kinds: electric treadmill and mechanical treadmill. At the gym or other fitness facilities, we usually see an electric treadmill that plays an important role in fitness and weight loss and is comfortable to use. Well, do mechanical treadmills work well and are they comfortable enough to achieve the desired effect?. Here’s a look at the mechanical treadmill, how to understand the situation.
Mechanical treadmill] is mechanical treadmill good? What is the principle of mechanical treadmills?
Know the electric treadmill knows that it is to rely on the motor to run with the work, while standing on the run with the movement along with the corresponding speed of movement, will let the body balance does not fall, this completes a running process, and achieve the purpose of physical fitness. Unlike an electric treadmill, the mechanical treadmill is not passively followed, but instead active, running back to complete the overall running. Because people are active, one of the major advantages of mechanical treadmills is that they can easily adjust their running speed through their own situations. If what happens in the exercise, the running of the person stops suddenly, and it is not easy to cause the safety accident. Of course, the good electric treadmill has sufficient security in this respect.

Electric treadmill principle

Electric treadmill running belt driven by the motor, so that people in different speed or slope passive running or walking, exercise comfort has been greatly improved, but also avoid the influence of outdoor sports in the body because of the climate, environment and other unfavorable factors of movement, reducing the possibility of injury. People running or walking on a motorized treadmill is a systemic movement, because of its movement almost no kicking action, compared with the movement on land, can reduce the intensity of exercise, increase the amount of exercise, to improve the user’s heart and lung function, endurance and fat consumption has very good effect. At the same exercise intensity, electric runs consume 40% more calories per hour than other common aerobic equipment such as exercise cars, rowing machines, and mountain climbing machines. Electric treadmill can easily record the movement movement distance, cost through electronic equipment integration and control of system time, heat consumption of motion data, heart rate test function can accurately show the movement of the heart rate, more scientific and safe for exercise. Therefore, electric treadmill is a both a variety of techniques of sports physiology, ergonomics and precision mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, in the electric treadmill running or walking is the best way of aerobic exercise.

How should the novice use the treadmill correctly?

1, familiar with function
To buy a new treadmill, even the experts also need to be familiar with, not to mention never used a treadmill novice, before use should be read the instructions from A to Z, know how to control it, understand the start, stop, speed regulation and other related functions can be used.
2, step by step
A lot of young friends are more impatient, on the treadmill is not fully familiar with, will speed up the treadmill, so it is easy to lead to accidents. When the initial use of the treadmill to familiar with, and not to pursue the fitness effect, safety is the first, the beginning speed slower, then feel fit and then gradually increase, it will be relatively safe.
3, do warm up
When running outdoors, before running normally for some warm-up exercises, and so on the treadmill, also need to warm up, do some stretching exercises, so that the muscles are fully stretch, so as to achieve better effect of exercise, is not easy to hurt.
4. Control the amount of exercise
As the saying goes, impatient eating hot tofu, fitness is not an overnight thing, perseverance will achieve results. The best amount of exercise according to their physical condition, for a long time no movement of people, the beginning of the use of the best control in about 15-20 minutes, and then gradually increase the exercise time.
5, running shoes
Must wear shoes running, although many household electric treadmill treadmill is getting better and better, the suspension system has done relatively well, even so, also do not exercise barefoot in the above, choose a pair of jogging shoes with good flexibility, can effectively reduce the impact of the knee and ankle bone running, to avoid injury.

How should a treadmill be used by a novice? How do you use the treadmill correctly?

Use the treadmill fitness, need to pay attention to the following matters: eat something before training, fasting exercise easy cause of sports anemia, drink a cup of juice before exercise, or eat a banana, can let you vigorous exercise, but don’t eat junk food, such as fried bread circle.
The quick start mode: good opportunity to run a preset program, you are running, just follow the prompts to input data, you can choose different forms of exercises, such as “fat model” and “cardiopulmonary function model”, “climbing mode”, “random mode”. Among them, the quick start mode can adjust the motion intensity at any time.
Attention to the body position: to stand in the middle of the running belt, too easy to step on the base, too easy to be thrown out after, of course, do not run away.
Traveling from the start: suggestions from 4 – 6 km / hour speed begins to move, gradually transition to running. In addition, the trot can use more fat for energy, fat reducing effect is better.
Slow down: Although you to move forward, but the body is still always stop in situ, which makes the brain is confused, so just off the treadmill may feel dizzy, gradually fall speed does not appear the case.

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